Giveaway Campaigns May 11

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Creative and digital marketing agency established in 2017. Using real strategies to build brands, we have a trusted reputation and years of experience with a proven track record of running successful campaigns in Brazil and in the United States. The agency is rooted in our innate understanding of brands and what it takes to set them apart in competitive and challenging global markets.

When you decide to join the giveaway you will become part of our 'following' list on instagram. On the date of the giveaway, our sponsors will share the giveaway on their Instagram page. Everyone who wants a chance to win the prizes must follow everyone in our 'following' list. In that way you will receive a huge growth in followers and you engagement will skyrocket.


Over the past three years, the marketing giveaway industry has been growing on social media and especially on Instagram. It’s an opportunity for anyone who wishes to grow their following by tapping into a celebrity’s audience. Yet, not everyone knows how a giveaway works and how you could get the following:

Celebrities promote the giveaway with multiple posts on their Instagram main feed and Instagram Story. They ask their followers on Instagram to follow everyone we follow to be entered into the giveaway, and that is when you will start seeing the growth.   These campaigns are designed to drive 10x the results than typical brand deals and for a fraction of the price. This method of advertising has proven far more effective and affordable than typical influencer marketing methods due to the strategic design of the campaign.

We work with influencers from all around the world to bring your personal account or brand the clout it deserves. Are you ready to grow your image on social media?



10k for $800
DATE: May 11
SPONSOR: @lillykofficial @helen_jannesonbense @wilsonmaggie @carrieberkk @gabiluthai @camilleptrinidad @theglobewanderer
DEMO: US, Philippines, Canada, Brazil, main female
GAIN: 10k guaranteed